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The do's and don'ts of welcoming families into your church. Hint: start with your friendliest people!

What's up with this episode? Curious listeners want to know, so go ahead and give them a rundown here.

Join Bethany and Jason as they discuss all things Resurrection Sunday and Holy Week.

Money matters. How to take your faith to the next level and trust God completely with your finances.

Meet the hosts

Pastor Jason & Bethany


Pastor Jason and Bethany have been married for 15 years. They have seven, yes seven, kids, ages 22 down to one year old. The family serves in youth, worship, in childrens ministry in beautiful New Hampshire. To add to the chaos they have two dogs (who sometimes can be heard on the podcast)and two cats.

In 2020 the family faced remarkable changes and from those changes they began a journey from Sunday Christians to sold out Spirit filled soul winners. Jason and Bethany believe that pouring into this next generation, plowing the fields, and impartation are so critical for this time.

In their "spare" time they are self procalimed foodies and coffee snobs, they love their church and their friends.

Quotation Mark

Listening to Raising the Revival Generation has been a blessing to me as a busy homeschooling mother. I know their family is constantly serving others in their church ministry, but also have very busy lives in the day to day of raising a family. Hearing Jason and Bethany share how they involve Jesus into the daily grind and invite their children along with them is inspiring. They are authentic and don't cut back when it comes to sharing real life as parents to multiple children. I am always encouraged, and I always laugh a little when their listening to their podcasts.

-Talietha S.

Listener Feedback

Quotation Mark

I've been listening to Bethany and Jason from the very beginning. Along with biblical instruction and their encouragement, we've been able to apply a few small things in our family consisting with 3 kids ages 4 to 9. We've seen such great things from these "little things". Family prayer, for example, has been such a beneficial activity and we've seen so much change in our family. Our children pray for their us, their parents and each other unprompted. Thank you for your humble and spirit lead ministry.

-Jacob L.

Quotation Mark

I've been listening to this podcast since it began. Probably the favorite thing I've heard is that as a mother I can do what works best for me. For example, not being a early bird does not make me a bad mother as I have for years thought, because in every mom group they always preach getting up before your kids which was always a struggle for me.

I love the practical tips on how to involve your children in ministry, church, and family Bible time.

I'm excited to hear about more topics in the future.

Thank you for sound Biblical advice.

Keep 'em coming!

-Clarissa S.

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